The Recruitment Process

Choose from our direct placement or trial-based options. Try before you buy allows you to work with a candidate casually for a minimum of twelve weeks, after which you’re assessed a $500 fee upon hire. Direct placement begins at $500 and allows you to hire a candidate immediately. In either case, you’ll receive the same great service:

1. Candidate Search

With our growing database of professionals, current casual hires, and through targeted searches and advertisements on job boards and social media hubs, we’ll locate candidates who are just right for your position.

2. Applicant Processing

We carefully interview and screen all candidates, ensuring their background checks are solid and that they possess the right skills, experience and attitude for your position and your organisation.

3. Submission and Interview

We’ll forward you the resumes of candidates who best fit your specifications, and can arrange initial meetings between you and the applicant.

4. Feedback and Offer

After this interview, we’ll gather feedback from both parties. If you’d like to hire or test out the candidate, we’ll move on. Otherwise, we’ll search for another professional.

5. Commencement

Upon your approval, the candidate will begin work for you under one of the two placement agreements described above.