Types of Roles

While the details of recruitment through Greenstaff are similar for most types of positions, there are a few differences that have been designed to ensure both employers and candidates enjoy the best and most beneficial experience possible.

Whether you are interested in finding a first, second or third year apprentice, a leading hand, or an arborist of foreman, we’ll do all the searching and screening for you.

For these advanced positions, we can arrange for interviews, which we’ll attend if you’d like. You can then choose to hire the candidate, and our involvement will end. The salary and employment terms you wish to use will be solely between you and the employee.

If you’re looking for a skilled landscape employee, we’ll match you with one of our pre-screened workers who have demonstrated relevant skills and aptitude based on previous placements we’ve performed. Your candidates will be interviewed by us and you’ll be able to access their details at any point. Once you’ve hired the landscape employee, our involvement in the arrangement will be solely with you, the hirer.