Contract Planting

In addition to our renowned recruitment and labour hire services, Greenstaff provides unparalleled contract planting solutions through Proplant – Call us on 1300 366 735

Over seven years of experience in carrying out various landscaping projects utilising the very best of modern technology and best practices has given us a superior grasp of the skills and knowledge needed to help projects excel. Urban developments, private estates, rail lines, roads, and other environments have been restored and rejuvenated through Proplant.

Proplant is geared towards delivering optimal results while also paying strict attention to deadlines and budget restraints, so you’ll always receive quality work without blowing your budget or surpassing time limits. We work with talented labourers, exceptional materials, and cutting-edge procedures to ensure beautiful results every time.

From jute mat installation to staking and bagging, fertiliser and plant installation to plan reading and set out, Proplant can move your project from idea to reality, all while making your contracting process convenient, professional, and smooth.

Our exceptional contract planting services are offered through Proplant, which has enjoyed several years of experience and reputation building in NSW, QLD, and VIC.

Proplant is one of Australia’s finest contract planting operations, thanks to our steady supply of talented, knowledgeable laborers and our extensive background in understanding the needs of today’s landscaping projects.

Proplant is committed to ensuring that your tasks are carried out with the utmost in professionalism, and that’s why we insist on using only the finest available materials, technologies, and processes. While some landscaping methodologies can actually lead to increased erosion and harm properties over time, we focus on delivering smart solutions that take advantage of modern breakthroughs in landscaping.

When you count on Proplant for your contract planting needs, you’ll experience second-to-none service and results that reflect our passion for preservation and restoration. With Proplant on your side, your green space projects can go further!